Friday, June 27, 2008


In most of the application we develop one way or the other we display information to the user stating the result of the operation that was just invoked.

  • In particular with ASP.NET we frequently use the Label / Literal control to display the information in the page.
  • Once the information is displayed to the user on the subsequent operation we use to clear the Label message that was displayed.
  • We do this mostly in the Page_Load event.
  • By any chance if we overlook it, old message will confuse the user.
  • One quick trick to solve this problem is to set the EnableViewState attribute of the Label /Literal control to false.
  • By this ASP.NET won't persist the previously displayed information and whatever message we want to display will be visible only one time.

I found this some of the page in SharePoint. Thought of sharing!